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Wildlife Trust of India - 'Kinara' 
'Kinara' is a short film created at Ghost Animation that discusses the dynamic between humans and tigers sharing the Tadoba forest, a national park in India. The film revolves around the complex animal-human relationship here and proposes solutions for peaceful coexistence.

Making Of -

Composited Backgrounds

Painted background assets

Linetests compilation

Process breakdown

Credits :

Directed by

Kalp Sanghvi

Upamanyu Bhattacharyya

Character Design

Aayna Vinaya

Animation, Cleanup, Color
Anwaar Mohammad Alam

Gaurav Wakankar

Isha Mangalmurti

Shaheen Mohamed Sheriff
Kalp Sanghvi

Upamanyu Bhattacharyya



Isha Mangalmurti

Kalp Sanghvi


Sound and Music

A Bhaskar Rao

Troy Vasanth


Kalp Sanghvi


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