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LA Philharmonic - The Carnival of the Animals (Sound/Stage)

'How the Kangaroo Got Its Pouch' is one of the four short films created for the LA Philharmonic by Ghost Animation. Originating in Australia, the film narrates an aboriginal folktale about a Kangaroo who, for her kindness, was gifted a pouch to keep her joey.

The short features in the Carnival of the Animals concert conducted by Gustavo Dudamel, performed by Yuja Wang and David Fung. Gustavo and his son, Martin, narrate these unique tales from Australia, India, Brazil and Denmark along the way.


Watch the complete episode here.

Making of - 

Character Design 

Animation Linetests 




Credits :

Storyboards + Animatic

Isha Mangalmurti

Art Direction
Aayna Vinaya

Character Design 
Aayna Vinaya, Saurabh Vashistha

Isha Mangalmurti

Kalp Sanghvi

A project by Ghost Animation, led by Upamanyu Bhattacharyya


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