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Vikram Vedha - Title Sequence (2022)
Vikram Vedha is a feature film directed by the duo Pushkar & Gayatri. It was released in 2022. We created the following title sequence for the film. 

The title sequence narrates the infamous Indian folktale by the name, "Vikram Vetal". The story begins with King Vikram, anxiously trying to protect his kingdom from a severe drought. A seemingly wise sage visits his court and offers to help him, but on one condition. The king must bring him a cunning vampire, "Vedha" who resides on a tree in a far off forest. The catch however is that the vampire asks  his captor riddles. If the captor gives the wrong answer, his head will explode into a 1000 pieces and if he gives the right answer, the vampire will jump back onto his tree. Our animated sequences sets up this plot as a prelude to the modern day adaptation of this story, that is the live-action film.

Making of - 

Style and Character Explorations

Character Designs



Direction : Isha Mangalmurti


Storyboards : Isha Mangalmurti

Character Design : Vaibhav Keswani, Isha Mangalmurti

Color Scripts & Background Art : Mandar Mhaskar


Animation Supervisor : Gaurav Wakankar

Production Manager : Shreeya Wagh

Animation Team :

Venkatram Viswanathan

Shaheen Sheriff

Sailesh Gopalan

Heramb Shet

Nishlesh Patil

Arindam Dutta

Debjyoti Saha


Cleanup Team :

Sameera Joshi

Heramb Shet


Compositing : Nikunj Patel (Studio Moebius)

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